Strategic Direction # 4

Strengthen Research Capacity in Northern Ontario


To strengthen research capacity in Northern Ontario by aligning with health-research partners to improve performance and measurable outcomes in health services, quality health care, health and biomedical research and knowledge translation.


NOSM is the connective tissue between research entities, Northern Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), research institutes and hospitals.


Establish research partnerships, networks and clusters including those with a cultural focus

Leverage and strengthen existing or emerging research networks.

Improved collaboration with partner institution researchers.

Strategically align new and existing domestic and international partnerships around rural and remote health issues and social accountability.

Explore Northern Ontario and pan-Canadian research networks grounded in Indigenous health

Explore Northern Ontario and pan-Canadian research networks grounded in Francophone health

Strong capacity in research and analytical processes

Develop expertise in managing big data sets across Northern Ontario.

Invest in infrastructure to support research productivity.

Develop interdisciplinary centers

Establish an interdisciplinary Center for Social Accountability.

Support research on population health.

New research opportunities for learners and faculty

Identify research priorities and support the recruitment of leading researchers in those priority areas.