Strategic Direction # 3

Innovate Health Professions Education


To be recognized across Northern Ontario for developing innovative models of education in Northern, Indigenous, Francophone, rural and remote medicine that lead to well-trained health-care practitioners who stay in the communities of the North.


Innovation drives the education of NOSM’s next generation of physicians, registered dietitians, physician assistants, medical physicists, other health professionals and scientists.


    Excellence in Health Professions Education

      Maintain the highest standards of accreditations across all our programs

      Prepare our students for certifying and national examinations.

      Leading-edge Curricula

        Address emerging technology, incorporating virtual care (particularly for remote communities), innovative online curriculum, artificial intelligence, digital health, virtual reality.

        Develop life-long learning to enhance faculty clinical practice skills

        Program Expansion

          Expand enrolment in the UME and PGME programs.

          Create Regional Campus Hubs

          New Pathways to health education

            Explore new degrees such as combined degrees (BA MS, BSC MD, Engineering MD, JD MD).

            Establish new pathways to education

            Establish defined outreach to Northern Ontario communities and schools at primary, secondary and postsecondary levels.

            Admissions program that meets the needs of Northern Ontario communities

              Admission standards and processes are reflective of Northern Ontario

              Build upon and lead socially responsive opportunities

              A healthy and safe learning and working environment

              Explore how curricular structures and wellness/resiliency programming can enable and support the health and wellbeing of learners and faculty