Strategic Enablers

People. Resources. Infrastructure. Resilience.   

NOSM will make strategic investments in our people, resources and infrastructure by living the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion; encouraging creativity; supporting the well-being of the NOSM community; rewarding innovation; and, eliminating bureaucracy. NOSM realizes ongoing growth and sustainability through its investment in its people, resources and infrastructure while investing in cutting edge technology and wellness for all our constituents.

Strategic Enablers #1

Valuing Our People

“NOSM will support the well-being of its employees by living the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion, encouraging creativity, rewarding innovation and eliminating bureaucracy.”

Ray Hunt

Chief Operating Officer
NOSM Staff
Advance faculty and staff renewal
  • Advance people and support strengths-based performance improvement by ensuring the right mix and number of people to deliver NOSM’s mandate.

  • Build capacity for tenured, tenure-track, Indigenous and Francophone faculty.

Become an employer of choice
  • Be one of Canada’s best employers through the advancement of talent management, recruitment and retention, faculty and staff development.

  • Establish ways in which the School can contribute to individual faculty members’ professional development by enhancing our Faculty Development Unit.

Build a culture of continuous learning and mentorship
  • Develop programs for professional development across all stages of careers, including fostering life-long learning.
  • Prepare teachers and support faculty and students in academic career progression to become leaders and change agents.
Value work-life balance and wellness across the entire school
  • Build a culture with a focus on wellness and work-life balance and inclusive learning and working environments.

  • Make NOSM a culturally and psychologically safe place to work and learn.

  • Confront racism.

Build school spirit
  • Engage alumni to support NOSM through shared experiences with students, connecting with the alumni network and giving back to our Northern communities.
Manage our talent
  • Create leadership opportunities for staff, faculty and learners.
  • Develop and maintain mechanisms to reward and recognize high achieving CSD faculty, staff and students.

Strategic Enablers #2

Managing Our Resources

“NOSM has an incredible network of Alumni who are making a tremendous impact in our communities. We will enrich our learner experiences with these  valuable connections and create a culture of philanthropy and advancement to further improve the health of Northern Ontarians.”

Rahim Dharamsi

Chief Advancement Officer
NOSM Stats
Diversify our sources of revenue
  • Foster a culture of philanthropy and advancement.

  • Maintain continued fiscal diligence with best business practices.

  • Address our structural deficit.

  • Harness the unique strengths of being a not-for-profit corporation to seize new roles and contracts with government, and industry.

Strategic Enablers #3

Investing in Our Infrastructure

“NOSM will invest in new cutting-edge technology that will lead to innovation in our work and our approach to improving the health outcomes of Northern Ontarians.”

Stephen Kelly

Director, Information Technology
NOSM Technology
Manage space, technology and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Invest in and refresh the technology infrastructure for our education and research programs.

  • Invest in new cutting-edge technology to help us do our work – virtual reality, new web platforms, video interviewing and advanced communication platforms.

  • Develop a space master plan that incorporates expansion and increased needs along with modern HR approaches for shared workspaces, alternate work arrangements and healthy workplace.

  • Become a leader in internal practices that address ‘climate change’ and environmental health.

Invest in data systems
  • Improve our system capacity in health analytics and quality improvement, through effective and responsible use of technology and data.

  • Have the best evidence of our impact on the health ecosystem in Northern Ontario with reliable data and credible leadership.

  • Lead the integration of a comprehensive database/warehouse/stewardship system

Strategic Enablers #4

Sustaining Our Resilience

“NOSM ‘Respects the Difference’ and is committed to the development of strategies that advance health, wellbeing and resilience throughout the School.”

Dr. Sarita Verma

Dean, President, and CEO
Respect The Difference
Build a culture of wellness, respect and equity
  • Create leadership positions in Equity and Inclusion and Wellness.

  • Develop strategies to advance health, wellbeing and resilience throughout the School.

  • Demonstrate that input from NOSM partners and stakeholders is valued and an integral aspect of our planning and execution.