Strategic Direction # 1

Transform Health Human Resource Planning


To link health human resources (HHR) to Northern Ontario’s needs (Francophone, Indigenous, rural, and urban) with a focus on specialist and subspecialist physician training.


NOSM’s transformative approach to the planning and delivery of workforce supply eliminates the gaps in Northern Ontario health human resources.


An integrated, customised and evidence-based approach to health human resources (HHR) for Northern Ontario

Build a collaborative approach for physician recruitment across Northern Ontario.

Ensure consistent data and communications and government relations strategy for Northern Ontario workforce planning.

Integration of rural, remote and community needs into our education programs

Northern Ontario is a preferred destination for learners seeking electives and clinical placement opportunities.

Enhanced connectivity and communications for all NOSM communities

Support faculty and health-care providers through engagement and active involvement in all aspects of the School.

A system to support clinical faculty in their academic work

Increase Academic Funding Plan (AFP) support to NOSM faculty.

Support and value the Local Education Groups (LEGs).